Paperclips are on every desk – have you ever thought of them as a symbol of solidarity and unity for a Promotional Products Campaign…

They may play a small in office life, but they are always useful and if you have a pack they tend to have great staying power far outlasting Calendars and other gifts.  Stationery to keep papers filed neatly together can be a secretary’s best friend.

ODM would also like to introduce paperclips & holders for your next promotional gift.    Let our designers work with you to create custom gift to target your customers.

Still thinking of what to offer customers for the New Year or Chinese New Year? Why not get them to these animal paper clips (left) which may relate to the year of the rabbit. You may have the paper clip box branded with your company logo and customized colours. Want to jazz up your customers’ experience with your company? Get them these musical paper clips (right) – With custom packaging to go with it, they will be a perfect appreciation gift for audiences.

With Valentine’s Day coming up after Chinese New Year, spread your love to customers through these heart shape paper clips (left) and talk bubble paper clips.  We can design custom desktop holder as required.

So no more boring paper clips on your desk – make full use of them and turn them into interesting promotional gifts that make customers want more – you can even make them collectible.

Contact us to design and produce these items of low cost, short production time with just a mix of creativity and colours for you!

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