Want to give your customers a gift yet on a tight promotional budget? Here is a promotional idea you can use. Why not give them wrapping paper as a gift!

Wrapping paper is a large sheet of designed paper used for wrapping gifts. Under this promotional idea, you may print the logo of your company on the wrapping paper and give it to your customers.

Promotional Idea for Mass Coverage - Wrapping Paper

Promotional Idea for Mass Coverage – Wrapping Paper

Benefits of using wrapping paper as a promotional idea

The first benefit of this promotional idea is that it is cost-effective. This promotional gift is relatively cheap to produce as the raw material is paper, which is cheap. This is an economical way of promotion for small startups and companies which are on a tight promotional budget.

Another benefit of this promotional idea is that it is environmentally friendly. Wrapping paper can be reused for other purposes, such as decoration. Or can be recycled into another paper-based product. This helps to keep the earth green.

How this promotional idea enhances your brand?

Having wrapping paper as a gift helps to raise brand awareness. When customers who receive the wrapping paper use it to wrap gifts for the friends or relatives, the friends or relatives who receive this gift would be introduce to your brand. It may bring about some curious questions like “What brand is this? What do they sell?” This would allow your customers to promote your brand for you through word of mouth.

This promotional idea would also help to increase sales. Providing wrapping paper as a peripheral is attractive to customers. When buying a gift, people would prefer it when no additional hassle is needed to buy wrapping paper as it is given. This would help to attract more people to purchase your products, increasing sales.

Who can make use of this promotional idea?

This promotional idea can be used by any kind of company, from manufacturing to retailing. However, it would be more suitable for retail shops to use this promotional idea as their products are usually used as gifts. An example of such a retail shop currently using this promotional idea is Toys”R”Us.