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Promotional bag clips – Magnetic sticks to fridge.

Save money by keeping open packets of food fresh.  Bag clips are a common product found in households and they are very practical. Adding this magnet is a new feature which makes it a good reason to promote this promotional item.

In the home, magnetic bag clips save money, reduce waste, and keep your food tasty by forming an air and watertight seal: no more mushy chips, stale cereal, or freezer-burned meats and veggies. It’s easy to use, even for children

In addition to this traditional feature, the magnetic bag clip allows you to stick openned packages to your fridge or other areas of the kitchen such as notice board… This way you don’t forget open packages and avoid waste. As well as a bag sealing clip, it can also be used as a note holder.

Perfect for any firm in the food industry, this product has the advantage of combining an affordable price and a good visibility being used in daily life.   Why not customise these for your next promotional products campaign ?

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