Seen at the HK Houseware Show, an eco-friendly multi-functional clip  – The Spaghetti Specialist tool.  We already commented on the Frosties in pack promo with a standard clip to keep the cereal packs sealed to preserve freshness.

This style of promotional bag sealer is taken to a new level by improving the utility to encompass…

  • Bag Re-Sealing function for preserving food even once pack opened
  • Portion Guide for measuring Spaghetti / Pasta
  • Clips with Hangers for storage
  • Bio-degradable thermoplastics for Eco Friendly Promos

Being available in a range of vibrant colours could allow your product to stand out from the rest on the shelves. These pasta clips comes in Black, Orange, Green, Fuchsia, Light Green, Yellow, Blue and Off White. Alternatively, you could also customize it to your preferred colour!

Definitely capable of evoking an impulse purchase this is a killer spaghetti promo.

Seal bags of spaghetti and measure portions with this tool

Brand this spaghetti promo

With your brand & logo embossed this clip makes a very suitable gift with purchase for spaghetti brands out there. At the same time, it also helps portray another side of your brand by being environmentally conscious.

pasta clip packaging

pasta clip packaging

On top of that, companies could also imprint their logo and brand name on this eye-catching pasta clip packaging!

There has never been a more pressing need for the adoption of eco-friendly initiatives – this promo shows the move towards promotional products made from recycled, sustainable materials.

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