Never too early to think about Winter Promotions.  In recent years, when parts of the Europe have been hit with major cold snaps infrastructure buckled.   Want to get your clients to order snow ploughs during the summer?   Always tough to get people to order ahead so here is an idea…

We picked up some cans of instant snow at the recent gifts show.   Customise the outside of the cans and your customers will be sure to get a shock reminder of the cold winter.

Whilst a great number of our clients are manufacturing Custom Snowglobes, this is a great alternative or add on promotional product.

Excellent promo as a teaser to prepare people for winter.   Think of all the cold weather services and seasonal winter events to be promoted.

  • Skiing & Snowboard Resorts as tourist sales merchandise
  • Travel Agents & Airlines advertising warm weather breaks
  • Snow plough & general emergency services seeking retainers
  • Ice Fishing Tours
  • Insurance companies looking to sell extreme weather policies
  • Plumbers who deal with frozen pipes.

Excessive heat over summer ?  Why not cool customers down or at least give them hope…

Here’s a fun reminder to clients that an end is in sight.

What other services might use this promo?