Everyone loves the adrenaline rush going through a haunted tunnel or screaming while being lifted up 360 degrees in the air at a them park.

Instead of being the one screaming, why not be that person laughing at those screaming riders? Now, Wallace & Gromit is offering you a chance to invent crazy rides or games in a new competition closing in March 2011.

This innovative partnership with the British Intellectual Property Office really promotes Cracking Ideas and gets children involved in developing new solutions and products.

Mindsparkz is also giving all young inventors a chance to showcase their innovative talent. The Young Inventors Award 2011 is prepared to be grabbed  by competition winners from three categories: Under 12′s, Under 18′s and University Challenge as well as an “Open”category to all three mentioned age groups for a unified brief, entitled “Conservation”. For more information, please visit the official website for this competition.

If you would like to be the next Thomas Edison, who invented the telegraphic repeating instrument at the age of 15, do sign up for this challenge now!

See also the invention tool & our the IP explorer.