Competitions for high end giveaways are a great way to motivate customers to purchase your brand & products. Prize winning contests can be arranged in many ways – here we give a few ideas for big ticket gifts which can be displayed in store (On-Premise).   On-Premise promotions target customers where they are making key purchasing decisions – choosing this option and having fewer but extremely high end gifts can certainly create a buzz for your product.

This marketing promotion gives your team the chance to brainstorm and offer really desirable prizes in order to target the aspirations of your potential customers.  Prizes can vary greatly in value and can take the form of  appliances, electronics, games, etc…  The competition mechanism can be stand alone or run in combination with On-Pack promos or other marketing.

In order to give you some idea of the type of items you can offer during those contest, please find below a couple of examples of commonly used products for the occasion:

Flat Screen TV

Recent improvement in LED technology allowed for the TV’s screen definition and size to increase drastically. The result: bigger, better flat TV on which you can vibrate on movie, sport events or video games. Can add sound system for an even more attractive package.


Speaker Set

Speaker sets provide quality sound and great design will always be cherished by customers as a superior prize to be won. Moreover, if the set comes with numerous speakers, you will be able to furnish an entire room, thus improving its acoustic qualities and making it an ideal place for listening to music.

Mini Fridge

Mini fridge can be great items to offer as part of a prize wining contest. Firstly their small size allows for them to be used pretty much anywhere they are needed. Secondly they provide prime space for any logo imprinting or brand message of any kind. Lastly they keep you favorite drink cold and ready to enjoy. For an even bigger effect, super size your fridge while keeping innovative design and printing.


Table Football game

Table Football is a great game to get groups of friends playing together. They are great to occupy an unused spot in a bar, an office break room or a play room at home. Additionally you can customize your tables if you desire to exhibit your logo.

Air Hockey Table

Great source of fun, the Air Hockey table is among the classics found in any arcade room. Speed, reflexes and having a blast are some of the ingredient necessary to win. You can easily print you logo at the center of the table.

Bar Stool & Table Set

Another interesting theme would be to provide prize winners with a set of trendy bar tools. Those contemporary bar chairs will undoubtedly have quite an effect on anybody interested in furnishing its home with some of the latest design available.



Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents could be a great way to advertise both the prize winning contest event  and could be used as gift as well. For those who want to be protected from the sun or want to throw parties in their garden, the inflatable tent can be a great item! Additionally, it leaves more than enough space for any logo printing to be made.


Hidden Globe Bar

Yet another great item for those enjoying traditional design and surprising features. This hidden globe bar allows for numerous bottle and glasses to be positioned on the wooden plate in the center. Combining both  home decoration and utility,  this outstanding item would be a great addition to any prize winning contest.



Remote Control Blimps

If you are looking to showcase or logo in an innovative way, why not let your clients do it whilst playing with remote control blimps.  Design your own airship, fill it with helium and clients play with this remote control toy.

Great to increase visibility, brand/product recognition and consumer awareness.

Beach or Road Bikes

Beach bike cruiser are the epitome of style. Manufactured for moderate speed, relax mood, to see and be seen as you cruise down the street or beach. Comfortable and popular, this is a perfect item for any contest, the beach bike being a sought after product!

Dartboard Game

Perfect for all-family fun and friendly gathering,  dartboard belongs to the classic outdoor games and is always a winner when it comes to  promotional gift offering. Defy your friends while increasing your dexterity with this great game. A perfect prize for hours of fun.

Create baskets of goods.   How about giving away a complete bar or a set of wine accessories to make even the most avid connoisseurs’ mouth water.

Run Summer/Winter Sports Promos. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog on winter and summer sports promos for more exciting ideas! EG. give away Snowboards with full gear incl. helmet, goggles, coats, etc…

Ideal to be seen and noticed, these gifts will insure your contest creates enough interest and buzz to make a difference to your bottom line. Wait no more – contact ODM for all your promotional product needs! Feel free to add more product ideas on comments section.

What mechanisms to use on the competition – online, mail in, lucky draw in store, scratch cards, collect tokens and redeem as group (for schools) etc…