Here’s an Innovative promotion by AMC movie theater in HK to create a buzz around the movie “Beastly”, a story derived from the classic “the beauty and the beast” where a a handsome young men is transformed in a hideous creature and needs to find love in order to break the spell. Starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettifer.

AMC theaters encourage fans to comment on a question online: “Beauty or the beast, who would you rather be?”

The best 5 replies will win this nice gift set composed of a lightweight Beastly women’s tee-shirt, a Beastly flip-up compact mirror and a black Beastly hat. You will remark all items are branded with the movie’s logo thus promoting further the brand equity of the upcoming flick.

Creating contests and games is a great way to get people interested, to get them to participate in your promotional campaign. With the incentive of being rewarded with gifts at the end, customers are the ones doing the promotional work for you.

Here are ODM, we can provide you with the right promotional items and tools offering the necessary incentive to your customer to participate in contests of any kind. Please do not hesitate to come to us for requests or questions.