Promotional Postcards are being given away outside Hong Kong cinemas – these eye-catching graphics showcasing the main characters of the film, Sucker Punch.

At the back of the card the postcard suggests that recipients to ‘like’ the Facebook page of the production house, Warner Brothers, pushing for this promo to turn viral. The postcards are able to create buzz and hype and pass on a preview to others.   These postcards can be collectible for fans of the movie!

With a picture perfect background, postcards can be a very cost effective yet enduring promotional mechanism. More often than not, postcards like these are used as handwritten notes to friends, families etc. With a postcard as a give away item/gift with purchase, you create marketing with meaning; you give your consumers something of intrinsic value to them, which they definitely can use at some point of time.  Recipients associate your brand with beautiful memories, something much more deeper than other forms of marketing.

All in all, postcards are a great promotional product for any licensed properties.