The Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair is a massive brainstorming session for anybody in the promotional product field. So many gifts and samples are being handed out during this four day fair, it almost feels like Christmas shopping! What would the HK Gift and Premium Fair be without a free gift for buyers who walked the entire trade fair!

Mini Sucker iPhone Stand

The organizers of the fair gave away free gifts to any individual registered as a Buyer if they got a stamp at booths from every hall on each floor. One team member at ODM walked the entire show to find new ideas – collecting these stamps in order to redeem the free gift! There was a choice of five different gifts to choose from, our team chose the mini sucker stand. As you can see in the picture the item is used to help your iPhone stand in order to make viewing movies and other files easier for the user.

This product is very simple and very practical for Smart Phone users. When watching a video on a table the sucker stand allows the device to be propped up – then the user can relax and enjoy the entertainment.

This was a great idea by the organizers of the Fair to offer free gifts to registered buyers who paid close attention to collecting the stamps in each hall.   This Promotional Mechanism also drives customers to visit those less central locations of the show so much appreciated by exhibitors in less travelled areas.

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