Pens are one of the most popular promotional tools. Due to their ability to cater to any budget depending on materials and design, pens are one of our most popular promotional products each year.  Differentiate yourself from competitors with the racing pen!

Designed with a sporty look, the racing pen has a retractable ball point pen for writing and also a pull back motor, allowing the pen to propel forwards when pushed back – making it a fun Desktop Promo. Pair up with friends and the racing pen can be a source of fun and enjoyment for all.

With all these attributes, the racing pen makes a great promotional product for sports or events – make it as an on pack gift for consumers. Customize the pen’s clip logo or car design to create marketing and branding value.

Overall, the racing pen offers companies a fun alternative to the traditional pen – much like ODM’s pen fan or the invisible ink pen.

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