Promo On Pack gift

Spotted by our staff while grocery shopping, Horlicks Hong Kong is packing plastic wares together as a bundled gift with every purchase of Horlicks malted milk mix.

The promotional item is a simple plastic container, ideal for holding foodstuff with the ability to be sealed airtight to ensure freshness through a system of locks on the sides of the container.

This product provides great utility for the customer as it allows them to easily store and transport food without fear of the contents growing stale.

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Promo has synergy for Horlicks customers who may store their Horlicks milk powder in containers. The Horlicks logo was printed on top of the container, allowing for long term advertising with customers who are likely to continue using the container for a long time, potentially increasing brand exposure.

Overall, the sheer everyday utility of the gift gives customers a greater incentive to purchase Horlicks brand over any competing products.