ODM staff spotted this promotion by Hoegaarden beer in Singapore.   They are offering a free beer glass with every purchase of 2 bottles of white beer -packaged together in a white box.  (See also their promo in Hong Kong.)

This promotion increases the brand image of Hoegaarden as a premium beer brand, justifying its higher prices relative to other beer brands. The brand image of being a traditional European beer is enforced by offering this beer glass which is typically used by Europeans when drinking this beer – Hoegaarden keeps its traditional roots even as it exports its beer worldwide.

The glass provides utility to the customer as beer enthusiasts may relish using a proper beer glass over normal glasses or to drinking straight from a bottle. The Beer glass hosts the Hoegaarden logo, which demonstrates the long them benefits of offering such a promotional item as the customer is always reminded of Hoegaarden beer even when he pours a different brand into the glass.

This case demonstrates through usage of a simple promotional gift how companies improve brand image build sales and impress their culture on customers.