Chivas whiskey company has recently come out with a promotional box set that was spotted at Singapore’s International Changi Airport. The Royal Salute special label of Chivas whiskey was created in 1953 for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The whiskey is aged for 21 years and certain bottles of the whiskey up to 38 years, making these bottles some of the finest whiskey on the market.

Customers who purchase a large bottle of Royal Salute duty free are offered a free promotional box set with three small bottles of the label’s finest types of whiskey.

Chivas uses this promotional box set for whiskey in order to offer free tasting to a targeted customer creaing a convincing incentive to purchase the brand’s product.

The company hopes to develop an appreciated taste for their other whiskey blends. This will create a strong attraction to the brand in the customers mind. Offering alcohol as a GWP campaign is very effective. If the customers appreciated the product they were offered, there is a strong possibility they will purchase the item some time in the future.

Developing unique POS packaging solutions, a box set can be used for alcoholic beverages, food, toys, electronics, etc…