Woodcare treatment brand Cuprinol UK is offering customers the change to to win a pair of licensed garden gnomes with every purchase. This is an excellent promotional product idea from their marketing department.

Garden gnomes are typically used as garden decoration in western countries and this ties in with the product Cuprinol are selling.

They are associated with excellent movies like Amelie de Montmartre in the past and appeal to children and adults alike for their fun nature.

For this particular promotion, Cuprinol is working in conjunction with the film “Gnemeo and Juliet” to offer garden gnomes resembling their characters.

With only 10,000 gnomes available, this helps give a high perceived value given the unique design and limited numbers.

The promotion mechanism used here is that of a redemption campaign, simply enter the unique code found under every promotion tin of Cuprinol to stand a chance to obtain the items.

A notable aspect of this promotion is that it is a good example of using the license of a recent film. By conducting such a promotion, both Cuprinol and “Gnemeo and Juliet” gains marketing benefit as consumers will be reminded of the film when seeing the garden gnome.

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Another option for Garden related promotional products could be to use the Travelocity Garden Gnome.   ODM suggest using Polyresin for manufacturing process.