JIF is one of the USA’s major peanut butter producers. Unlike most companies which base their promotional gifts on either luck or customer loyalty, JIF has chosen to base their rewards on talent and creativity.

Promotions by jif

JIF organizes a number of different cooking or writing competitions throughout the world. Their most recent ones include : 

  • the 45th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest
  • Mom’s voice their choice JIF contest
  • JIF most creative peanut butter contest
  •  the “That’s why I chose JIF” contest

This type of promotion process helps develop customer attachment and fidelity to the brand beyond just advertising the brand. It is a stronger and more valuable form of promotion than lucky draws for example.

The only downside though is that the prizes are big ticket items – money or holidays. This means that there can only be very few winners and this does not increase the brand’s visibility. Indeed, if prizes had been physical and more related to the product, a lunchbox for example, then the ccampaign would have touched more people and shown off the brand.

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