Giving out free gifts with the purchase of cat food seems like a very popular trend these days. Below are three different promotions currently being offered by three different cat food companies.

Food and Exercise Ball promo

The promotional gift being offered by Happy Cat feline food company is offering a food ball for your cat to play around with. Every customer that purchases a 10KG bag of feline food will receive the complimentary gift for their cat. This is not actually a ball made of food, it is a ball that stores cat food inside it. It is designed in a way for the cat to push the ball in order to access the food inside. This was designed by veterinarians in order to motivate lazy cats to do some physical exercise. This toy will help lazy cats do some exercise in order to eat and will create a great energy relief toy for highly energetic cats.

Free Litter Tray

Royal Canin the pet food company is offering a special promotional gift with their new line of feline food. The customer that purchases two packs of wet diets cat food will receive a free litter tray and scoop accessory. This will help customer keep their homes clean and an opportunity to teach their cats where to do their belongings. These kinds of gifts really add value in the customer’s perception of the gift since it will help them make their home cleaner and make their cat healthier on the long run.

Cat Tunnel Toy

IAMS pet food company is also using a free gift as a promotional campaign in order to entice customers toward their cat food. Every customer that purchases a 10KG bag of cat food will receive a free tunnel toy for their cat. This tunnel toy is a round circular tunnel made in nylon which is made for the cat to fit inside and play around in. The tunnel will be much appreciated by the cats as they can rub themselves against the nylon sides. The gift can also be used as a place for the cat to take a nap inside, in a nice and quiet private area.

These three gifts above are just some examples of what companies in the industry of pet food are using to differentiate themselves from their competitors and attempt to grow their market share by offering free gifts to customers who purchase their pet food. These kinds of promotions are highly successful in getting new customers to try a new brand as they are lured in by the free gift. Some new customers can become lifetime customers thanks to a promotional campaign.

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