In a place like Hong Kong, where the local market has greatly downsized the number of plastic bags given out for grocery shopping or purchases, a reusable shopping bag can prove to be very useful.  We always welcome a new recycling bag promo…

Puccho, Japan’s popular chewy candy snack, is currently running a PWP promotional campaign here.

Spend HK$ 15 or more on candies.  Then add another HK$ 9.90 at Wellcome outlets and receive this adorable Puccho carrier bag.  Why this bag is a hit ?

  • Just the Right Size – Flexibility as a carrier bag
  • Whimsical Design
  • Prominent POS Display – seeking massive attention (and getting it)
  • Accrued Visibility with mascot and logo imprints
  • “Bring your Puccho wherever you go”  message is being communicated

Puccho POS Display - showcasing a physical sample

Functional promotional products always ensure repeat usage. A convenient carrier bag like this will definitely warrant much use in Hong Kong. Candy promotions are in the rage these days, we will continue to keep a lookout for more ideas for you… Meanwhile, buy some candy and enjoy the benefits that come with it!