Promo mascots are great brand assets. Children and adults can’t help but smile when they are around. Some people even ask for selfies with them. Especially with promo mascots of brands from childhood, they bring back great memories.

Puccho’s Promo Mascots

Following Puccho’s PWP carrier bag, we spotted more interesting promos from the brand. This time, they are in convenience stores in Hong Kong Island.

For any purchase of UHA candy in VanGo, add another HK$39.90 to receive this adorable milk Puccho mascot tissue holder.

Promo Mascots

Promo Mascots – Puccho Tissue Holder

Similarly, purchase HK$15 worth of UHA candy, and add HK$5 to receive this Honeydew Puccho Mascot key holder.

Promo Mascots for Puccho’s Key Holder

These items reflect the marketing potential that promo mascots can bring.

Finer Edges of Using Mascots for Marketing

  • Becomes Brand’s Cute Front. Puccho incorporates their promo mascots into big or small promotional products. A mascot puts a face to the brand, which people find easier to relate to. This signature touch of Puccho translates to instant brand association. Meaning, when consumers see the mascot, they think of the brand in a snap.
  • Provides Usefulness to Consumers. Fun factor aside, the promotional merchandise that Puccho offers center on lifestyle concepts. The tissue holder will keep the item from getting soaked in the bathroom. The key holder will help the owner easily identify it from others. The brand itself is clearly looking to enrich and provide utility to customers’ everyday life.
  • Enhances Brand Recall. Puccho’s promotional products pose to aid it in becoming a household brand. Their striking mascot and functional purposes enhance both visibility and brand recall. This is vital if you want to market your goods to more people.

For more information on how to design and manufacture your own promotional mascot and bring back the fun of childhood, feel free to contact us here at ODM and we’ll be glad to assist in helping you to design new and creative mascot ideas.

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