Cornetto have brought back their ‘Flip and Win’ contest in Malaysia & Thailand for another year. The competition which is already being promoted via their Malaysia CornettoLove facebook page opens on the 1st of May and will run until July 31st 2012.

The competition idea is very simple:

  1. Consumers purchase a single cornetto ice creamA unique code is located at bottom of the lid
  •  CORNETTO CLASSIC (5 points)
  • CORNETTO ROYALE/DISC (10 points)

2. Entering the competition

  • The contestant must first register via SMS
  • The contestant enters by sending the unique code via an SMS
  • Contestants can also enter via a paper entry form
  • Contestants may send as many entries as they wish but each entry must be accompanied by a valid unique code or a valid Cornetto lid. Each Unique Code and Cornetto lid can only be used ONCE.

When Unilever ran this competition in 2011 (February 14th to April 30th) various prizes were awarded during the competition period.

Cornetto-Facebook Promotional Competition

Daily Prizes:

  • iPod Shuffle (x1 unit each day)
  • Limited Edition Cornetto thumb drive (x15 units each day)
  • Cornetto Limited Edition Couple Keychain (x30 units each day)

Monthly prizes (Month one 14th Feb – 20th March, month two 21st March – 30th April)

  • iPhone 4 PAYG (x5 units each month)
  • iKaraoke (x3 units each month)

When the competition ran in 2011 a dedicated web page was set up to host the competition, however this year they decided to promote the competition via their Facebook pages.

There are benefits for the company by using either of these channels of communications. By having a dedicated ‘Flip & Win’ web page which sits under the normal Cornetto website the company is directing traffic to their website.

The more recent method of solely using a Facebook page means that the cost of online communication is decreased. The use of Facebook is free and relatively easy to set up, whereas there are much higher costs associated with designing a website.

One thing that is great about this promotion is that the competition acts as an incentive for customers to purchase a Cornetto ice cream rather than one from a competitor. Products such as ice creams are relatively similar and so there needs to be something that diversifies your product. Adding a gift with purchase or the chance to win a prize through entering a competition is a good way to encourage customers to purchase a specific product.

Also with the ‘prize’ not being an instant gift the consumer has to go online to enter the code and therefore is thinking about your brand a lot longer than the normal time that it takes to eat an ice cream. There will also undoubtedly be some consumers who purchase the ice cream with the intention of entering the competition and then never actually doing so, for Cornetto it doesn’t really matter if the consumer enters the competition as they have already achieved a sale.

By having to register to enter the competition this also gives the company the opportunity to capture customer data which can be used for future puposes if they wish. This kind of data can be very useful when deciding a marketing strategy, as companies can research their target audience more in depth.

The prizes that Cornetto are giving away are very appealing, however they are giving away these prizes in very low quantities. The increase in sales due to these incentive prizes is therefore likely to outweigh the cost of purchasing. Consumers are often likely to see the opportunity to win a prize and not think too much about the low quantity that is being given away and the likeliness of winning.

After all the consumer actually isn’t spenidng anymore than they would have done originally, as they were likely to be wanting to purchase a sweet desert anyway, and they have the opportunity to win something additional!

By allowing customers to enter as many time as they like, this encourages further purchases from the same consumer and hoepfully this will encourage brand recall after the competition period has ended.

This competition could therefore turn one off purchasers into loyal customers.

Cornetto Promotional Website

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