Aquascutum, a famous and prestigious fashion brand are offering a unique gift with purchase. Gift with purchase are used many times by companies as a marketing strategy to increase sales and awareness of brand. However, rarely do businesses implement a unique gift with purchase that is also interesting enough to be effective. This one by Aquascutum certainly is, providing a luxury Teddy Bear with the purchase of their Classic Club Check Ladies Wallet.

Unique Gift with Purchase from Aquascutum

Unique Gift with Purchase from Aquascutum

Furthermore this gift with purchase example is mainly effective due to the type of gift they’re offering. By offering a luxury teddy bear fits perfectly with the type of product offered. As the product is high end, the gift also must be high quality to effectively attract the right client to the product. Also the pattern design type pattern on both product and gift help to create value in the promotion, therefore inciting more consumers to the purchasing process.

Benefits of  Using Gift with Purchase

A Gift with Purchase campaign can offer many benefit to the company implementing it, including;

  • Increased Satisfaction – when customers notice the free gift with purchase their satisfaction with the product will increase, everyone loves a free gift! particularly in this case where the gift so well fitted to the product.


  • Positive Word-of mouth – An effective and relevant gift with purchase will not only increase satisfaction for the customer but if happy with the gift the consumers will inform friends, family and associates of this great gift, like with Aquascutum. As a result positive word-of mouth will occur and effectively customers will market the product for you and attract more and more customer for you.


  • Customers Loyalty – often overlooked are the benefits of loyalty  can have on a business. Receiving a gift with purchase will have a major impact on impressions and the view they hold of the brand. This especially important if a customer has had a bad service in the past therefore a gift with purchase can rectify this.


  • Competitive Advantage – By proving free gifts can overall increase the value of the product and will distinguish product over others.

Ultimately, these benefits will help make a company who uses this strategy prosper by increase customers and added sales in the long run.

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