Kellogg’s, one the most successful cereal brands out there, has implemented a gift with purchase campaign for their Sultana Bran. The gift with purchase is a choice between a mini seed head kit or a growing kit in order to encourage customers to start growing their own plants.   This Eco Friendly promotion highlights the Kellogg’s brand values and the care the put into growing.

A Gift with Purchase is popular technique used by many creative companies to attract customers and increase sales.   Before we analyse further, here is a picture of the boxes on a shelf store in Dunnes Stores in Cork, Ireland.

Successful Gift With Purchase Campaign By Kellogg's

Successful Gift With Purchase Campaign By Kellogg’s

People love free gifts! If the consumer is interested in a product, but on the fence when it comes to purchasing it, the free gift could be the thing that sends the purchaser over to buys the product. However, as a gift with purchase is such a common marketing technique, especially in the cereal industry where free toys are a common place in order to simulate pester power, the gift needs to be creative. This free growing kit is a perfect example of  creativity, it enables Kellogg’s to differentiate themselves from competitors who use the same mundane gifts.

Free Gift with Purchase is a particularly useful marketing technique when used for a product which is relatively new to the market such as Sultana Bran. By giving a complementary gift with the new product will attract customers to something which they haven’t tried before therefore giving the potential to create a substantial foothold in the market.

Why Should More Company’s Implement Free Gift with Purchase Strategy?

  • Increased Satisfaction – when customers notice the free gift with purchase their satisfaction with the product will increase, everyone loves a free gift! particularly in Kellogg’s case where having the choice of 2 different gifts will undoubtedly stimulate satisfaction.
  • Positive Word-of mouth – An effective and relevant gift with purchase will not only increase satisfaction for the customer but if happy with the gift the consumers will inform friends, family and associates of this great gift, like with Kellogg’s. As a result positive word-of mouth will occur and effectively customers will market the product for you and attract more more customer for you.
  • Customers Loyalty – often overlooked, the benefits of loyalty a have on a business. Receiving a gift with purchase will have fantastic impact on impressions and the view they hold of the brand. This especially important if a customer has had a bad service in the past gift with purchase can rectify this.
  • Competitive Advantage – By proving free gift with purchase can overall increase the value of the product and will distinguish product over others.
Successful Gift With Purchase Campaign By Kellogg's

Successful Gift With Purchase Campaign By Kellogg’s

As shown the benefits of a Free Gift with Purchase are profound and will ultimately help profits both in the short-term and more importantly in the long-run. Here at ODM we specialise in promotional opportunities. You can learn more about effective promotional opportunities here at our blog.

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