Donna Hay is an online shop based in Australia and they are giving away their gift hamper with purchase of their products. This gift with purchase is only available with purchase of any Le Creuset product. Read on more to find out how you can use gift with purchase to entice your customers and to boost sales!

Gift with purchase: Donna Hay Gift Hamper

Gift with purchase: Donna Hay Gift Hamper

Donna Hay is one of Australia’s leading online food stores. She also has her own cookbook, thus she is definitely an expert in the food industry. This time, she is giving a Donna Hay gift hamper with the purchase of her Le Creuset Collection.


Why Gift with purchase works

Gift with purchase is a very popular marketing effort for most companies. It is especially successful for online businesses. Popular online stores like Lord and Taylor and Macy’s are great companies that offers gift.

Case study by Macy’s

A gift with purchase helps to boost sales. A free gift helps to attract more customers. They are more likely to purchase your products because of the free gift, which will boost your sales.
Also, the gift with purchase is a type of advertisement to promote your brand. With your logo branded on the free gift, other people can also notice your brand when your customers use your free gift in public.

Lastly, it helps to increase customer satisfaction. Everyone would like their customers to be satisfied buyers and are constantly trying to achieve customer satisfaction. One way to achieve this customer satisfaction is to offer a gift with purchase. Not only does a gift with purchase make a customer feel that their money has been well spent, it also makes them feel valued by the company. In the long run, this customer satisfaction would be beneficial as customers make repeat purchases and customer base increases.

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As such, gift with purchase is a very popular marketing effort and comes with a guaranteed success rate. So what are you waiting for? Contact ODM Asia today for more details!