A well known kids shoe store in Hong Kong now offering a free gift with purchase for customers who purchase products worth more than HKD 600 and above. The free gift is a branded storage bag, which contains of multiple functions, what includes, a laundry bag, a storage bag and a shoe bag. Also if people purchase from HKD 800 and above, they will receive two free vouchers. These have a total value of HKD 100.

Branded Storage Bag as Gift with Purchase

Branded Storage Bag as Gift with Purchase

This promotion is surely a great way to gain more awareness among your desired target group. People do want to achieve free gifts, which also makes them purchase more in order to spend above the required HKD 600.

What are the Benefits of a Gift with Purchase?

Gift with purchase promotions helps to increase sales, which is crucial to most companies. Every customer wants to get the most out of the purchase. They are more inclined to go for the goods as compared to an item that does not have a gift. This will definitely increase the turnover generated for the company and will lead to greater profits.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction will have been increased a lot by offering gift with purchase whatever the product is cheap or expensive. A free gift allows customers to feel valued and appreciated by the brand.

Branded Storage Bag as Gift with Purchase

Branded Storage Bag as Gift with Purchase

A branded storage bag like the one above has great possibilities for customization, as there is plenty of space to promote your company name/logo or slogan, which for your customers will increase sales and brand awareness.

Feel free to contact the ODM Group to learn more about gift with purchases or other promotional products, which you can include in your marketing strategy. We have years of experience with sourcing promotional products for companies all over the world.

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As shown the benefits of a Free Gift with Purchase are profound and will ultimately help profits both in the short-term and more importantly in the long-run. Here at ODM we specialise in promotional opportunities. You can learn more about effective promotional opportunities here at our blog.

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