On the recent fair trade in Hong Kong HKTDC offered a giveaway in order to promote its services. HKTDC is keen on connecting Chinese suppliers and manufacturers with foreign businesses with the purpose of initiating the trade. So everyone who contacted at least one supplier on the company’s website can get the thermal mug giveaway. It stimulates people to try the service in order to get their giveaway. The promotion is mainly targeting new customers, those who haven’t tried the service yet. Considering that it is the promotion for fair trade, most of the people attending if not all are interested in the service offered by HKTDC. People like gifts and giveaway for trial of the service they are interested in already, will additionally motivate people to try it.

HKTDC offers a Thermal Mug Giveaway

HKTDC offers a Thermal Mug Giveaway

For service providers, it is important to offer free trial to the customers. If the level of service and the overall experience are going to match customer’s expectations, it will make it easier for the customers to recall the company, when they will need the service HKTDC provides.

POS display is big enough to make the offer and HKTDC stall on the fair trade more noticeable to people. Furthermore, thermal mug is a great giveaway and well-timed, considering the change of the seasons.

What are the outcomes of using giveaways?

The giveaway campaign has numerous benefits – it directly promotes the services company offers, which leads to higher brand awareness and brand knowledge. Nevertheless, in the promotion company is using their website that will increase the traffic significantly during promotional period. Moreover, long-term benefits are also important to consider, as the giveaway mug is a branded merchandise, it will lead to a higher logo exposure and will continue to promote the company even after the promotion is over.

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