Companies need to come up with new innovative ideas, especially when it comes to the food and health industry. Marketing fruit and vegetables can be difficult but interesting as some brands come up with incredible custom shaped merchandise ideas. These avocado shaped products fit into that category as there is a large range of happy avocados to pick from.


Avocado custom shaped items to pick from: 

custom shaped items

custom shaped items

There are a lot of products in this image varying from kitchenware to decoration which are all made from ceramics. These include:

  • Coffee jar
  • Cup or customised mug
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Trinket box
  • Jewellery tray
  • Plant pot
  • Pen holder
  • Piggy bank

The ceramic gives the green shades and happy faces a nice glossy finish to make the fruit look fresh. These products will add some colour to the setting and liven it up with the positive facial expressions.

How promotional custom shaped items can help market your brand:

  • Fun –  The more enjoyable the product, the more it is shared with others. This results in more awareness. Avocados are trending as healthy eating is growing among the crowds.
  • Custom – Many other companies do not offer specific branded items such as avocado bowls for example. Whenever a customer eats from the bowl, they’ll see the brand name and possibly be reminded of your company whenever they see an avocado. This will also enhance brand recognition and promotion.
  • Boost sales –  If customers like one product, they might go for complimentary items such as matching kitchen utensils.
  • Suitability – These avocado items can be used by children to encourage healthy eating to adults who enjoy the fruit. The company name can be spread around to a variety of audiences this way.

Some other fun avocado ideas could include:

These products can help improve your marketing by suiting your customer’s needs and providing items which are satisfying and fun. We have years’ experience working with branded products based on food and drink themes, so we can definitely help!

Interested in these avocado items but with another fruit or vegetable in mind? Our design team at Mindsparkz can help with that!


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