Promotional idea : saucepan clock

One of our the numerous fun promotional products at the recent Hong Kong electronics show – how about this saucepan wall clock

It would suit a kitchen perfectly, making it the ideal promotional gift for both cooking fans and restaurant or catering companies. Not only is it aesthetically both original and striking, it is also useful. What’s more it comes in different syles.   You can adapt the design with your own:

  • Pan Shape & sizes
  • colour combinations
  • Decoration on the hands
  • Logo

What with its bright flashy colors and intriguing design, branded with a companies logo or colors, would make a efficient advertising display as it easily attracts attention and interest from passers-by.

We feel that this could be a great choice as a Gift with Purchase or Redemption gift from food companies.   It could also be an excellent choice as a gimmicky promo from those selling White Goods, those expensive kitchen appliances.

Other variants are possible of course, for example this knife/fork/spoon clock!

knife, fork and spoon promo gift clock

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