Looking for some innovative promotional products that everybody can use?   Why not focus on the feet?  With the Mega Show coming up we are working on some new designs of Chinelas folding shoes.

Shoe bags also make a great Promo Gift but there are so many other shoe accessories out there.  Let us help with the brainstorming.

Shoe Balls as a Promo Gift

Golf Shaped Shoe Balls

How about some Shoe Balls or Fragrance Balls? They come in a variety of shapes like mini basketball, soccer ball and even golf balls. Customization is also available based on your preference and or design.

Useful as a shoe odor remover, the best part is their reusable feature. Place your company logo on it and remind your customers about your brand each time they use it.   This will be an excellent promotional idea for sports products targeting athletes.

Shoe Horns By Ecco

Shoe horns are another popular promo gift for companies to consider.  Applicable for most shoes, it is also great opportunity to advertise your brand name.

From wood or plastic to stainless steel, there are many different materials available for you to choose from. You can also request for the length that you would prefer.

Want to make your brand name be seen everywhere your customer walks?  Print your brand on shoe laces and give them out. This creative and fun promo gift that will definitely attract all the attention you need.

Customized Shoe Laces

Shoe or boot stretchers will also make great promo gifts. Whether you choose inflatable or wooden stretchers, these are capable of letting customers recall your brand and product since it is suitable for long term usage in the home.

Boots Strecher Promo

Wooden Shoe Stretcher

Lets not forget Custom Promotional Socks.   See Previous Blogs….

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