Calzados Navarro is a chain of shoe stores which is based in Spain. It normally provides their customers with a range of different shoes that can be used in different environments. As the years have gone by, this brand has been growing and gaining brand recognition through the use of different marketing strategies like promo gifts. When we hand promo gifts to our clients,it would always create a great brand image and show that the client is really important to us. In this case, Calzados Navarro has been using promo gifts like this promotional shoe bag which is totally inexpensive and very easy to brand using different printing methods like silk-printing, heat-transfer or embroidering.

We can see a graphical representation of one of the promo gifts used by Calzados Navarro:


Promo Gifts by Calzados Navarro: Promotional Shoe Bags

Promo Gifts by Calzados Navarro: Promotional Shoe Bags

How do promo gifts influence brands to develop new customer relationships as well as enhance their brand awareness within their sector?

As we already know, promo gifts make our clients think that we really care about them. They would never say No to a free product, especially from a brand that they really adore purchasing their products from. Therefore, we need to be as unique as possible as there are existing rivals that will be taking care of their clients with different marketing strategies.

It is well-known that promotional products have a massive influence on our customer relationships as they love to use inexpensive and practical products. In this situation, the shoe bags are an incredible product to provide for our customers in the shoe industry as we could carry shoes everywhere. For instance, when we head to work we normally dress us very formally. However, after work, one of our colleagues might tell us to play a certain sport which means that we need to change our clothes and shoes. Most of the time, people complain that carrying shoes in huge bags can be very painful. Therefore, using this shoe bag is very simple and not bulky to use anywhere we go.

When we use promo gifts we are looking to offer cheap, practical and simple products that can really make the difference.