This Sunday, 31 March 2013, is Easter Sunday. During this season, Swissbake is offering a purchase with purchase. A Swissbake Easter Bunny can be purchase at S$9.90. The plush comes in two colours, brown and grey, and can be found at any Swissbake store in Singapore.

Purchase with Purchase - Easter Bunny

Purchase with Purchase – Easter Bunny

Swissbake is one of the leading Bakery chains in Singapore. With more than 40 cafes, retail outlets and bread corners, they aim to provide their consumers with premium quality European bread and confectionery products.

How Swissbake has used this purchase with purchase to their benefit

Firstly, this purchase with purchase has two colour options: brown and grey. This would allow the promo gift to appeal to more consumers as everyone has a different preferred colour. Also, having two colours would encourage multiple purchases. Some people may not be able to decide which colour they want and purchase both colours. Or, they may purchase one colour and come back a few days later to purchase the other colour. This will help to increase sales revenue.

Secondly, the plush bunny is representative of Swissbake. Each plush bunny wears an apron. The design of the bunny fits Swissbake, a bakery. This would help consumers remember where they got the plush bunny from as seeing an apron on the bunny would cause them to think of Swissbake. With this improved brand recollection, the reputation of the brand would naturally increase and so would sales.

Thirdly, Swissbake has branded the plush bunny with their logo. The logo is printed onto the apron that each plush bunny wears. When offering a purchase with purchase, it is essential to brand the product. Branding the product would help to improve brand awareness. Apart from an improvement in brand awareness, branding the products serves as a free form of advertisement for the brand.


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