Easter is soon upon us, and here is one Easter promotion in a Singapore supermarket that is bringing the Egg-citment to its promotions. Holidays such as Easter hold so many opportunities for brands to offer promotional events, activities and products to make their products interesting. And here is one in-store display that is making itself known.

Easter Promotion - Free Gift and Chances to Win Egg Contests

Easter Promotion – Free Gift and Chances to Win Egg Contests

Cold Storage are giving away free Easter themed colouring books with every $25 dollars spent in store, these are the perfect ideas for aiming at children and parents in your marketing campaign, as children love theses kinds of activity books.

Furthermore, Cold Storage are also offering customers the chance to Win, a Dairy Farm gift voucher, in their Easter Egg Design and Win contest. This is a great way to market and let all customers have the chance to be a part of a yearly celebrated holiday. Even if customers may not win, the whole idea of this Easter promotion is a fantastic opportunity to join in with the fun and get creative.

This display also features Cold Storages in-store advertisement for their ‘Egg-Citing Race’ taking place on Sunday March 27th. Marketing your brand by giving away give-aways and chances to win competitions will act as an incentive to gain customer loyalty in joining their event. Also the event is free which is sure to make the customer want to join.

Why is this Easter promotion good in marketing your brand?

  • Brand value. Offering an Easter promotion is attractive. This particular promotion adds value because it has more than one promotional offer; the gift, the chance to win, and the egg hunt. This adds brand value as there are numerous chances to interact with the brand forming a positive relationship.
  • Positive image. This Easter promotion is aimed particularly towards children and parents. and kids love a chance to join in and be creative and this means that people will remember this brand as being fun leaving a positive reaction during the promotion and in the future if Cold Storage decide to do an event promo again.

Feel free to contact us here at the ODM Group if you want to find out more about Easter promotions and how you can create your own egg-citing promo products! Also why not check out some of our other blogs regarding Easter promo’s: