Kronenbourg beer company is over 300 years old, founded in 1664 by Geronimus Hatt in Strasbourg it has managed to stay with the times while keeping that fantastic taste. This promotional glassware set is no different to past promotions, still attracting customers centuries onwards, the brand certainly knows how to keep its customers refreshed and a part of their respectable culture.

Promotional Glassware by Kronenbourg

Promotional Glassware by Kronenbourg

What We Like about this Promotional Glassware By Kronenbourg

  • Branding – With the brand being over 300 years old it has no need to establish itself among the global beer market. With an array of past and current customers, this promotional glassware with the logo holds great value to all beer and Kronenbourg lovers.
  • Product – There can never be enough glasses in a kitchen. Whether it’s friends or family visiting glasses are an essential piece of kitchen ware. Because of this a branded glass offers all those in search of one as well as some beer, this promotion is the perfect combination – offering not only the famous beer, but something to drink it with.
  • Material – With it being an elegantly designed glass, this gives it a more premium appearance than if it was, for example, made of plastic, keeping the touch of french class with this product purchase.

This in pack promotion, sticks to its routes of being a world class beer and even has a humorous quote to go with the offer “If you think French wines are good, you should try the beer”. This is followed with a friendly black and white print of friends drinking Kronenbourg out of its promotional glassware.

If you’re looking to customise your own promotional merchandise, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of trained staff will assist you in creating the perfect marketing gift, whether it’s a promotional glassware or a key chain, we can make any item that suits you.

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