The Hong Kong International Film and TV Market, also known as Filmart, finished last week and ODM have finished tracking it.

Filmart is one of Asia’s largest film and entertainment shows. Organised by the HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade and Development Council) and held at the HKCEC (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center), filmart hosts exhibits on almost any kind of visual film marketing.

Film art exhibits: distribution, production and acquisition of films, TV programmes, animation, digital entertainment, games, production and post-production services as well as shooting locations, film commissions, film festivals, film insurance and film financing.


Event tracking on Twitter: Filmart 2016 #Filmart

Event tracking on Twitter: Filmart 2016 #Filmart


What Is The Conclusion of this Event Tracking?

For this year’s Filmart, The ODM Group followed the event closely and gathered information from over 659 tweets before and during the event. After analyzing this information we created the following word cloud, with the number of mentions being represented by the size of the word.

As seen in the word cloud the big focus (except for filmart itself) was on “THRGlobal”, “Bonnie Lynn”  and “streetphotography” made it big onto the list. THR are a brand that branch from the hollywood report and focuses on castings, deals, reviews and box office news. With Street photography being a popular attraction at the venue, in particular the artist Bonnie Lynn’s latest street shots, there was no doubt that they would follow THR and Filmart as some of the leading tweeted words.

Alongside this, we also found out who the 25 most active people on Twitter were. This type of event provides a good opportunity to increase your brand awareness through the use of social media especially if you are in the film or advertising industry. The top 25 are listed below.


Event tracking on Twitter: Filmart 2016 #Filmart

Event tracking on Twitter: Filmart 2016 #Filmart

With over 780 exhibitors, from 34 countries from a variety of film, art and marketing companies, this certainly was the biggest year form Hong Kong’s Filmart showcase. For this years show over 7100 visitors turned up from over 50 different countries, being internationally and globally huge. From Hollywood, to bollywood and all things Chinese cinema, this certainly topped the charts of film festivals in Hong Kong and even more so in Asia.

Why ODM Have Been Event Tracking Filmart:

Here at the ODM Group we specialise in products that are all things promotional. The greatest thing with a movie being released is the merchandise opportunities – offering brands and companies the chance to attach their name and the popularity with these huge hypes. This is no different for tradeshows and exhibits where promotional products can be the decider between discussing a film or being a part of the films movement.


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We also offer other promotional items including our Monkey socks. If you have ideas for your next promotional product we can help. Offering a range of designs, and  ideas for your marketing campaigns our sales team has a diverse and creative set of individuals that are willing to help you become the next media topic.

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The ODM Group is always following new market trends by tracking events and conferences. For more of our case studies on previous conferences see the list below.


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