Having shoe bags as a promotional product may not be popular as yet. Most people have a wrong concept regarding shoe bags – Only a shoe firm should offer shoe bags as their promotional product. But ODM thinks that is not the case when it comes to branding. Limitations do not exist when it comes to marketing and advertising. It’s just a matter of being creative, thinking out of the box and the courage to be different.

Most importantly, everyone owns at least a pair of shoe. With people being more concern over their health, shoe bags are used more often compared to the past. Executives will usually head to the gym or outdoor sports after work and students are also very active in outdoor curriculum activities.

Size and shape of shoe bags are mostly standardized. Hence, the main attraction with this promotional product is it’s design and material – Non woven bags, canvas, draw strings etc. With good packaging of an item, the perceived value of this product will increase instantly.

Want to make this your promotional item but unsure of how to have it designed? Contact us and we will have all necessities from designing to manufacturing and quality control!

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