Great to attract the attention of products while on shelves and to differentiate them from competition, promotional games are almost certain to benefit your sales one way or another. Carling, a beer brand mainly distributed in the UK, understood this perfectly.

Carling is the perfect example with its current ongoing campaign ” Win a Carling Pint Glass Every Minute”. The concept is simple: buy one of Carling’s promotional pack, find the 9-digit code imprinted on one of the cans and input it on the company’s website to find out instantly if you are one of the winners. Pint glass, cash prizes, vouchers, etc. are some of the items you can win through this simple operation.

Benefit of this type of promotional campaigns are multiples:

  • Accrued visibility of the items on shelves space
  • Draw your customer to your website in order to play
  • Thrill brought about by playing benefit your brand overall
  • Favors repeat purchase

A great way to launch new products, to be talked about or simply to improve sales. Not limited to beer glasses, the prize can be anything you desire as long as they have high perceived value in the eyes of the consumers.

Do not hesitate to contact ODM, we will be happy to help you find the perfect prizes for your next promotional game campaign!