If you’re in the shoe industry, a few great promotional ideas would be complementary gifts such as the shoe horn and shoe stretcher! You can easily brand these shoes complementary items with your logo and therefore create brand recognition and brand awareness!

An effective promotional method is gift with purchase, whereby customers purchase a pair of shoes and get a shoe item for free! Let us compare and contrast – a shoe horn or a shoe stretcher? Which would make the perfect promotional gift?

A shoehorn is a fantastic general product that works for all sizes, both male and female. It is relatively simple and cheap to produce. Therefore, ODM suggests for you to get the shoehorn if –

  • You are in a shoe business that sells all different kinds of shoes to all types of customers. This way, you will be able to cater to all!
  • You prefer a promotional gift that you can give-away for a prolonged period of time, without having to worry for a change in fashion trends.
  • You have a tight budget.

Shoe Horn

On the other hand, a shoe stretcher is practical, useful and of high-perceived value.  A shoe stretcher is very specific in function and only caters to a specific crowd. For example, men and women require different shoe stretchers. High-heeled shoes require their own stretchers as well. In addition, different shoe sizes require different shoe stretchers. ODM highly recommends that you get shoe stretchers as a promotional gift if –

  • You cater to a specific target of customers such as females that purchase high-heels. This way, you can order shoe stretchers specifically for female high-heels. Other examples would be children shoes or shoes that cater to customers with special needs (e.g. customers that have feet of different sizes)
  • You sell high-end shoes. With high-end shoes, a shoe stretcher would be the great promotional gift as it is highly customized and has a higher perceived value. It is viewed as a generous gift!

Shoe Stretcher

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