In order to assist our promotional products & marketing clients around the world ODM need to be permanently aware of ongoing and future trends in the Promo Product market.

ODM Promotional Products

Therefore, marketing Promotional Products has become a core pillar in ODM’s business. But what does this implicate? How do we go about marketing Promotional Products?

ODM  uses a complete marketing mix based on these following tools:

  • E-marketing : websites & blogs
  • Social media marketing
  • Trade shows
  • Partnerships
  • Design


The first element in our marketing strategy is undoubtedly the internet. Indeed, e-marketing is the most efficient way of marketing to a wide range and number of customers, abroad or just close by, and this using a wide variety of methods including email, audio, video, blog, and social media.

Green Promo Products - ODM Green

ODM has developed over 30 different promotional products websites, some with over 5000 products listed on their databases.

Many are focused on particular promo product categories whereas others are broader and cover Promotional Gifts Marketing strategies in general.  We create valuable in-links and out-links to customers and partner websites .

Promotional Products by Promogiftblog

We animate our websites via our blog posts. ODM has been writing daily promotional products blog posts here on the ODM Group website for years.  Whether its through posts written by our employees, Promotional Product fans, our partners or the interesting comments they attract, you can learn all you need to know about the Promotional Product market in an interactive and dynamic way.

Don’t hesitate to keep up to date on what is going on thanks to our blogs and websites.

A recent addition to our Blogging has been the inclusion of 3 more blogs.   All are unique, fun & valuable.

  • Promo Gift Blog – this blog is our social media service to customers and friends in the industry.   We drive traffic to other companies websites.
  • Anniversary Promos – this blog will showcase the best Company Anniversary Promotional Products campaigns.   In its infancy but stay tuned.
  • Intern-Asia – follow the exploits of interns we have employed in China.  See how they adapt to life in HK or China.   Enjoy their view of Asia through their younger and perhaps more innocent eyes.

Social Media Marketing

ODM is equally a big user of social media marketing. There are some that think “social media marketing” is just the latest buzz phrase in marketing, but the truth is it is a new venue that you can use to market and promote your products and services. Social media centers around interaction with colleagues, potential customers as well as current customers. Main utensils of this marketing mix are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Foursquare.

ODM Group on facebook

Trade fairs

ODM pursues many more traditional forms of Marketing tools. Amongst these are the very popular Hong Kong trade shows.

We exhibit at trade shows such as the Mega Show by Kenfair and the HK Gifts show by HKTDC. (See list of October shows) Trade shows are a great way for ODM to both show off the new Promotional Products that we have developed or invented and also spot the new trends or highlighted of the various Promotional Gift markets.

Next show up is the reputed Electronics Fair, beginning Thursday the 13th of October. We will not have a booth, but our marketing team will walk this show to find new and interesting promotional products for our key clients.


ODM strives to create partnerships and work closely with other actors, including younger companies newer to the market, in the Promotional Goods Industry. Combining efforts and pitching major accounts in partnership with our agents makes both their and our work more efficient.

ODM has partners around the world so that when we do a project in 1 market we can leverage this expertise on different markets for the benefit of all our partners.   See also our Promo Gift Blog Syndication link for another example of our partnership in marketing.


ODM takes on its own design initiatives whether it is in its Singapore based innovation incubator or with its Hong Kong design staff.   Our designers are ready to adapt any Promotional Product to match your expectations and will work with our clients to co-develop unique designs.

When ODM design a new product for our clients we will often offer to help market this product on a profit share basis to markets not otherwise covered.  This creates another invaluable upside to working with us.

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