As it is getting nearer to the end of the year, ODM would like to hear your predictions for most popular promotional products for 2012.   Some of our ideas below….

  1. Pens– One of the most affordable promos available, and the one most used over and over by recipients.
  2. Wearables – T-shirts / Caps / Shorts / Socks & accessories.   These have amazing functionality and are always at the top of our wish-lists.   See this category remaining strong for 2012
  3. USB Flash drives– A useful gift that consumers will reuse over and over, a long product lifecycle, but getting a bit saturated…  How long more will these run given that everything is going on the cloud
  4. Mugs– Can be used for businesses and end customers at home. A very versatile promo that’s an old favourite!   Outdoors & Sports ones increasingly important.
  5. BagsDrawstring bags have been a excellent cheap way to promote yourself in 2011. While at the Canton Fair we saw an inventive way to use bags to promote your brand- companies who had spaces closer to the front doors would hand out their bags so that people would use these to carry booklets. It seemed that the larger the bag, the longer they were on show as no one could put them down!
  6. Key Rings– Sometimes the simpler products are the ones that are most effective- everybody has keys, and everybody likes to bulk up their keys with some promotional key rings!!
  7. Umbrellas– These are good for all around the globe- in England for the rain, in South East Asia for the heat!
  8. Promotional Products inventions – my hope is for 2012 to be the year that Crumple Caps, Chinelas, Suction Coolies, Coolzees, Pen Fans & other really innovative gifts from ODM take off.   Time for Marketing managers to really differentiate themselves from their competition.
  9. Online & Mobile Apps.   Virtual Gifts are increasingly popular and every promotional products company needs to embrace this trend and look for Synergies.

Promotional Thumb drives - how many more years will this be popular for ?

What do you expect to be the most used promotional products of 2012.  What new promo gifts will make a splash in 2012?  Remember to keep your eyes out for new promotional products trends & inventions from ODM in the new year!

What Promo Gifts might see a downturn for 2012? Mouse Mats were a great visible gift in offices around the world but with so many mobile devices these are now so 2011!

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