Feel it is time to make some predictions for ODM next year.  The general Promotional Products business will undergo great change so looking forward to it.  Few bullet points below on what will happen for us but sure other companies will identify.

  • We will sell to 5-10 completely new territories.  2009 was our first year to sell to Ghana & the Bahamas – Running out of space where next?
  • Our range of Beer Promos will expand rapidly.
  • ODM will see most growth in demand for Promo Products from clients in Asia.
  • Expect 5-10 new promotional products inventions from us in 2011.
  • More promotional products with an online/community component tied in.
  • ODM will get many more promotional products enquiries through Twitter!  Yes, we already got a few enquiries on this medium.
  • We will make at least 5 million pens.
  • Increasing number of clients using us as Dedicated Buying Office or Buying Agent, with dedicated staff working entirely for them from our Shanghai office.
  • Growth of our Product Design Service as stand alone service.
  • Growth of our Quality Control Service as stand alone service.
  • ODM tie in more promos with services like Fixed Fee.
  • Dedicated Online Marketing / Social Media position created at ODM.
  • Stronger partnership with overseas Invention Agents & Incubators.
  • Diversifying supply base with more procurement in Vietnam & N. China.

What trends do you see for 2011 Promotional Products Market.   Where will you be putting your 2011 marketing budget?