The liqueur producer Pimm’s is well known all over the world. To get this popular, you need to have great marketing strategies to increase brand awareness. Pimm’s uses several promotional ideas and one of them is a branded deck chair.

Great promotional ideas from Pimm's: branded deck chair

Great promotional ideas from Pimm’s: branded deck chair

Promotional Ideas: The Deck Chair

This deck chair is an amazing promotional item. You can use it as a store display like here in the picture, to reach the customer with your marketing idea directly in the store. This way you enhance your product recognition and raise sales by influencing the consumer’s buying behavior.

Another possibility is to use the branded deck chair as an on-pack gift or as a redemption gift with your products. By using them like this, you can influence many consumers with the gift with purchase promotion.

Pimm’s shows furthermore a fantastic idea to use the branded deck chair as part of a below-the-line marketing campaign. They offer their deck chair as branded merchandise in their online shop. This is a great example to do a marketing campaign only for your target audience.

Great promotional ideas from Pimm's: branded deck chair

Great promotional ideas from Pimm’s: branded deck chair

In-Store Displays as Promotional Ideas:

The deck chair is not only a great marketing idea from Pimm’s. They also use this bicycle in-store display to increase brand awareness and product recognition.

Great promotional ideas from Pimm's: branded deck chair

Great promotional ideas from Pimm’s: branded deck chair

This promotional bicycle is wonderful to use as a display in stores or for example in pedestrian areas, to promote company and products. It is actually a custom cargo bike, which is very popular today, thanks to its mobility and flexibility.

It would be great if this particular display can be wheeled outside. This will surely make people more curious about their products. What we like about this display is the custom-designed fridge, which is also decked in its iconic Pimm’s red-white branding, and the basket in front as it looks very homey and aesthetically pleasing.

As this is very different from the usual store drinks display, it really attracts attention. Usually, displays dedicated to alcoholic drinks can be a bit intimidating. However, the displays used by Pimm’s are different. They look welcoming, bright, and festive- an important factor that makes them dear to their customers.

Here is another branded deck chair idea from Pimm’s. Check it out!


Bringing it All Together

Simplicity and the ability to be customized to your branding requirements are two of the qualities that make deck chairs and cargo bikes a timely marketing idea. Not only do they work as in-store displays, but they also are ideal for outdoor drinks marketing.

Amid the COVID scare, bars are opening their doors but with limited capacity. As such, this could mean limited income for business owners. One of the solutions they see is to maximize outdoor spaces and turn them into an extension of their establishments.

Deck chairs, tables, outdoor umbrellas, and carts that can be converted into a minibar are a must-have to make the outdoor bar attractive and engaging.

Get your brand printed on the chairs, tables, and umbrellas to create an exclusive space for your brand. It becomes a place where they can “imbibe” your marketing message while also basking in the relaxing ambiance of the outdoors.


How Can ODM Help?

ODM has years of experience in the promotional product industry and we can help you with sourcing, designing, manufacturing, and shipping promotional goods for your business. No matter what your niche, we are here to help you brainstorm brilliant ideas for your business.

Feel free to contact us at the ODM Group to learn more about promotional products and their benefits.


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