Nestle launches a big promotional campaign for all its cereals brands – Cheerios, Kelloggs Frosties, Nesquik and Lucky Charms being among them. ‘Win a cow’ campaign is going to be featured as an on-pack promotion and online competition. Every customer buying a special promotional pack with ‘Win a cow’ sticker on it, will have a chance to enter the competition. There are wide variety of prizes including the grand prize of 2 pints of milk every day for a year for a lucky winner and a plush cow toy. The daily prizes include 25 plush cow toys giveaway.

Nestle launches Win a Cow On-Pack Promotion

Nestle launches Win a Cow On-Pack Promotion

Benefits of On-Pack Promotion

On-pack promotion is a great technique to stimulate customers to purchase the product and also to make the packaging more noticeable among the others on the shelf. This cereals are mostly targeting children. A chance to get a plush cow toy with their favorite cereals, will encourage them to ask their parents to purchase it for them. And stimulate them to get more and more till they get the toy they want. Plush cow toy giveaway as a part of on-pack promotion is brilliant to trigger sales.

As a result of this campaign, sales of this promotional product will rise considerably and brand awareness together with brand preference will increase. It is also powerful method to encourage repetitive purchasing behavior, thus encouraging customers to keep buying the products and influencing future profits.

Nestle launches Win a Cow On-Pack Promotion

Nestle launches Win a Cow On-Pack Promotion

Feel free to contact the ODM Group as we already have a lot of experiences in designing and manufacturing on-pack promotions like this. Below are some other related products you can look at for more inspiration.

What are on-pack promotions?

On-pack promotions are any marketing efforts that are advertised or attached to the packaging of the main merchandise.

What are some ideas of on-pack promotions?

They can come in the form of gifts with purchases, purchase with purchase, labels for lucky draws, etc.

Why should I go for on-pack promotions?

On-pack promotions are very cost-effective and customisable. It utilises the potential of pester power and is a great strategy to enforce brand loyalty.

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