In light of the summer holidays, there is no better item to giveaway than a passport holder! This useful item would no doubt be a cool promo gift for most travel agencies. Here we have summarized 3 different types of passport holders we have spotted.

There is a wide range of passport holders you can do and most are made up of leather or plastic. This is an example of a basic passport holder that not only has slots for the user to fit in various custom documents or cards but also acts as a cover to prevent the passport from getting dirty.

Plastic Passport Holder

This second passport holder is slightly more sophisticated as it is designed to fit all your necessary travel documents into one item. It not only has basic slots for cards but also, a perfect transparent compartment to fit in your airline ticket. This can be a fantastic gift for airline companies to offer!

Leather Passport Holder

Thirdly, this nifty passport holder, though relatively similar to the aforementioned one, has a netted compartment to fit in any flight or hotel reservation print out. This feature is great because it is expandable and more documents can be fit in it. No doubt, it would be a hit with business executives and would be a good item to give away at seminars!

Passport Holder (handbag)

What other gifts do you think would be a good gift for frequent travelers? Feel free to share your views here!

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