Here is another promotion in the French market. Spontex, one of the famous sponge companies is offering some cool promotional gift to its clients to celebrate its 80th anniversary…

Promotional Gift France – Spontex 80th Anniversary Promo

But basically, what is the gift with purchase they are proposing?

Promotional Gift France – Spontex Tin Box

As you can see from the pictures, Spontex is giving out these boxes of vintage designs and even use the 1932 logo. By using its old branding, it reminds customer of its strong experience in the industry and reinforces brand image. In fact, these retro products are quite fashionable nowadays!

Twinings had once used similar marketing strategy to ensure good brand recall. Check it out here!

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SPONTEX est le leader incontesté de l’éponge en France. En proposant à ses clients un cadeau promotionnel dans un style “vintage” de 1932, il réaffirme sa position sur ce marché. En plus d’être à la mode en ce moment, les objets publicitaires rétro sont un excellent moyens d’améliorer son image de marque, et plus particulièrement si votre entreprise existe depuis de nombreuses années comme c’est le cas ici.