Fete des Rois promotional favours

After Christmas is over in France, the tradition is to celebrate the “Fete des Rois” (literally “Party for the Kings”).  The “Fete des Rois” corresponds to Epiphany and takes place on the 6th of January.

On this day, Christians celebrate the arrival of the three kings of Orient to Bethlehem. They came to visit and bring presents to the newborn baby Jesus.  One the most famous French customs for the “Fete des Rois” is the Galette des Rois.

"Fete des Rois" promotional lucky charm gift

The Galette des Rois is an almond flavored pie that has one quite original particularity. Hidden inside the pie is a “feve”, which is french for good luck charm. Once the pie is cut up, everyone takes a slice and whoever bites into the “feve” when eating is crowned King or Queen and even receives a paper gold crown!

This tradition has become so popular in France that even none christian French celebrate people this day each year. Each and every French school, company, and family will share a Galette at tea time, in the afternoon of the 6th of january!

Here is an ongoing promotion, held by Vahine, a french cake ingredient specialist.

For each packet of Almond filling bought, customers receive a free feve promo figurine. This promotion wins our approval for being both original and practical. No need to go feve hunting for hours, just get one free as you buy the ingredients for your Galette!

Galette des Rois

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