The French were celebrating the Fête du Cinéma from 24th to the 28th of June 2012. During that week, cinema tickets are 4 times cheaper than usual! This promotional event is sponsored by numerous famous brands such as M&M’s, Haribo, etc… All of which sells their products through Cinemas and here, Nestlé was running a promotion with its caramel flan, Flanby, at the Fête du Cinéma!

Promogift France – Flanby Director’s Chair by Nestlé

Simply participate in the lottery on Flanby’s website in order to win this personalized director’s chair, printed with your name. Isn’t this a pretty interesting and original promotional product?

Nonetheless, the absence of Flanby or Nestlé logo has compromised its marketing effort as it would have heightened brand recall. Perhaps, it would been better to include both, personalized names and logo branding…

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