Top 10 Promogifts for beer companies

To kick start this blog post, ODM would like to showcase to you our collage of creative beer promo ideas we have spotted over the last 2 months!

We came up with the Top 10 Promo Gift Ideas for Beer Companies and have listed them here! Get inspired & think about how these ideas could take your company to the next level:


1) 4-in-1 Coolzee

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: coolzee

The 4-in-1 coolzee is a creative invention that has always been a hot seller. It serves 4 functions – a cooler, pop top opener, twist-off opener and tab puller. Furthermore, you can also print your logo or an image of your choice onto the coolzee! You can get more information from here.


2) Coaster Stand/Holder

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: Coaster Holder

Coaster stands or holders are the perfect gifts for any giveaways because firms can print their own logo on the item and it is a highly visible item on the table. This encourages brand recognition and, at times, brand recall. The coaster stand/holder can be made of acrylic, wood, metal, etc.



3) Bar Towel

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: Bar towel

Bath towels may be a common item for a giveaway but bar towels definitely are rare! They are actually a fairly inexpensive promotional product that would come in useful for anyone who loves to drink. This towel is good for branding and would also provide high visibility for any brand.


4) LED/Neon Trays

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: LED/Neon tray

Now, LED trays are very interesting products to giveaway. From the picture, you can see a normal tray being given a cool edge just by having this ring of light around it. This cool item is bound to attract attention from anyone when used at night. You can also brand your firm’s name on it to catch people’s attention.


5) Caps with Bottle Openers

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: Hat bottle opener

These caps with bottle openers can come in really handy when you are having a bottle of beer while at a match. They not only provide shade but also easily help to open a bottle of beer while under the scorching sun. As such, this dual function would not only appeal to beer but sports fans as well. To see other designs and get more info, you can click here.




6) Bar Mats

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: Bar mat

These bar mats are definitely essential when having your favourite bottle of beer. Made from rubber, it would prevent your bottle from sliding on glass surfaces and help to minimize condensation on your table top. Check out this post we did on a set of cool removable bar mats!




7) Bottle Carriers

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: Bottle Carriers

Bottle carriers are useful when bringing some booze to a party. What makes it even more appealing is that these carriers are made up of neoprene. This material acts as an insulator and is able to keep your drink cooler for a longer period of time. Furthermore, they can be easily folded and branded.




8) Bottle Glorifiers

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: Bottle Glorifier

This product can be a collectible for beer fans because it can be customized to display and portray beers differently. As a premium gift, it would appeal to beer lovers who really love their drinks! You can check out more designs of these bottle glorifiers here.




9) Inflatable Beer Bucket

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: Inflatable beer bucket

A nice cold beer is the best thing you can get during summer and this inflatable beer bucket will be a perfect gift for the season! These products not only keep your drinks cool but can be easily stored as well. In addition, they can be prominently branded with your logo as well!




10) Octopus Coolie

10 Best promogift ideas for beer companies: Coolie


This item is also one of ODM’s inventions. The Octopus Coolie is a drink cooler with 8 suction cups at the bottom. It is the perfect product to have on a boat because the strong suction cups would prevent your drink from sliding while on board a rocking vessel. Click here to find out more about other colours and how we can customize a coolie for you


The ODM Group have extensive experience with making such products. If you think your company could benefit from promotional items like these, please get in contact with a member of our team today! Alternatively check out our blog for thousands of case studies of other items and displays we have designed and manufactured.



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