promotional anniversary campaign

To celebrate Anchor Butter’s 125th anniversary the company is running a promotional campaign that gives consumers the chance to win many different branded promotional products.

The UK promotional products campaign  uses social network website Facebook to get ‘grass roots’ support for the campaign. Social networking websites are a very good inexpensive way to market promotional campaigns as you are able to reach millions of people at once.

As part of the promotion consumers have the chance to win several different branded promotional products.  These all have an older and at times retro feel to them – how often do you see cake stands used these days?

Below listing of promos shows just how varied the campaign is and what a wide selection of relevant promotional prizes are up for grabs….

promotional butter set

  • Aprons
  • Cake tins
  • Oven gloves
  • Egg cups
  • Cake stands
  • Mugs
  • Butter set
  • Model car
  • Tea towels
  • and monetary prizes of 1 x £50,000, and 75 x £1,000

Promotional Anniversary Mug

This campaign is the brain child of advertising agency Publicasity and runs for another 3 months. The campaign is especially interesting, as the advertisers have decided to run it for 125 days – 1 day for each year for their anniversary.

The promotional products used in this campaign are perfect for the companies target audience:

Promotional Products Prizes

My favourite gift for this promotional campaign is the old style Anchor truck.   Which is yours?

Promotional anniversary model car

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