Columbus Day is a US holiday that is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October to honor Christopher Columbus first arrival to the United States. It has been celebrated since early 1970s through parades and banquets. This event provides an excellent opportunity for branding and leaving an impression on potential customers.

There are many ways to celebrate Columbus Day, take advantage of this event by giving out promotional items! Being a famous voyager, travel related promotional products imprinted with your brand name or logo would provide a good themed promo. Promotional products such as backpacks, telescope, ship models & globes will give the celebration more realism.

Many organizations and companies in the United States would be sponsoring events, and hence with corporate giveaways, it would be a good opportunity for marketing and advertising.

Some examples include..


Reminds you of our very own ODM Pen Fan?

American Mini Flags -> American Pen Fan Looking for something more extraordinary…? How about imprinting the design onto our very own Pen Fan, and finishing it with an Epoxy logo of your brand! Acts as a 2 in 1 tool, one can either use it to fan themselves under the hot sun,  or wave it repeatedly to welcome the parade.

Not only thousands of people will be advertising your brand, it may appear on the Television Screens and newspaper as well.


To further enhance remembrance, package it nicely in PVC ziplock bags, and customize the packaging with your corporate colours. Present them as gifts for clients, employees, for even free goodies!

Example of a 3D key chain..

Keychains: Small, handy and attractive item that goes well with zippers, keys and etc. Usually used as a promotional merchandise by cruise operators with a 3D layout of their ship. Customize this with a pirate ship used in the olden days to commemorate this event.

Choose either PVC material that goes well with silk screen printing or metal whereby acid etching can be done.