Nissin's Signature Instant Ramen

Promotional wallets have been a long time favorite in the promotional products industry; its versatility often plays up the many different types of branding it can adopt.

Here Nissin HK, Japan’s instant ramen noodles maker, just brought it to a whole new level by thinking out of the box and utilizing this very attribute of flexibility…

PWP Mechanism: Purchase 2 packs (containing 5 packets) of any Nissin flavor instant noodles, add another HK$20 and customers are able to receive this exclusive Nissin wallet.

An exact replica, this wallet makes an amusing gift for customers

The witty design derives its inspiration from none other than the brand’s signature noodle packaging. An exact replica complete with the company’s details, cooking instructions and even barcode at the back, it makes an interesting giveaway for Nissin lovers (with plenty of them in Hong Kong; Nissin being the preferred noodle for Gong Zai Noodles in HK cafes here)

Attention to Minute Details increases its likeness

Suggestion: Nissin could use a different delivery mechanism – hiding the wallet amongst the pack of 5 to surprise customers to create a strong marketing impact. This gimmick usually works perfectly with promo dittos. See Spot the Kiwi Promotion…

Another improvement that can be made would be to design the wallet with both sexes in mind; this design seems to be a tad too feminine. In this case, the brand might be restricting itself in gaining the interest of the masses.

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