Why don’t you boost your brand image by offering these customizable leather wallets? For your company staff as a Christmas gift or for your clients/supplier, this promotional item is perfect to please your target and accompany them everyday.

Leather Wallet Promotional gift by ODM

The Leather Wallet by ODM

Even if it’s not very expensive, this kind of gifts are usually very well perceived by the client for many reasons.

How could leather wallets please your clients?

First of all, leather goods (coats, bags, etc.) are usually very expansive, so the material itself has a good reputation. Leather products are usually perceived as a high end product.

It’s useful so your client will not throw it away like he could have done with a paper fan or a Christmas card. If the client doesn’t use it for himself, he will probably offer it to a staff or to someone he knows. He will keep your brand in mind and creating free marketing for your brand.

Promotional Leather Wallet by ODM

Inside view of this Leather Wallet

But you have to be careful. We suggest you to be discrete when deciding to brand the product with your logo. Indeed, if you want the leather wallet to be used every day by your target, he has to be fashionable. The client will only use it if he feels that it’s a present and not a promotional gift. We think that it’s better to just emboss a small logo on the cover or inside. It’s better to keep it simple if you want to be visible in the long run.

Promotional Leather Wallet

Back of the promotional Leather Wallet

If you want to know more about how wallets are made, we suggest you to watch the video below from the famous Discovery Channel.

Finally, just remember that leather made products – even the synthetic ones, are very good to impress your clients. If you are looking for an example, maybe you should have a look to this namecard holder from Jameson’s Whiskey or have a look to the related articles below.